If you are a student studying for an under-graduate or post-graduate degree, you will find as part of the course, a Thesis/Dissertation will be a large contribution to the award of the degree. On completion, most universities require you to submit your work in a ‘Book-Bound’ format. All universities give guidelines to how your work should be presented. At Abbey Bookbinding all work can be carried out to all UK university specification.

Always leave a sufficient margin

We recommend leaving apprix 25-40mm on the left, binding edge. You can then allow a sufficient margin on right, top and bottom depending on the layout of your work.

Choose the right paper

Abbey Bookbinding stock a large range of quiality recomended paper for use when printing you work. Standard weight papers used for thesis printing would be either 80, 90, 100 or 120gsm paper. The higher the number, the heavyer/thicker the paper. As an example, inkjet paper is usualy 80gsm, and greetings cards tend to be around 320gsm+.

Always allow time for binding

Try to set yourself a deadline for completion of writing your thesis. Try to stick to it and contact us in advance for binding times. Hardback binding usually takes 3-4 working days. Please note at certain times of the academic year there are peak times for binding, so to guarentee your collection time please make an advance booking. We can also provide a 48, or a 24 hour service at an additional charge, providing you give us two weeks notice.

Always ensure pages are in correct order

If you are supplying the printed pages to us, always check all pages are in the correct order. If, after binding, a page is in the wrong place, it can be altered at an additional charge.

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